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E; "I will love and spare them; I will govern them with mildness;
they shall not curse, but adore me!" Yielding to

this first generous impulse of her heart, Elizabeth rose from the
throne, and with uplifted hands loudly
and solemnly swore that she would be a mother to her subjects--a
mother who, when compelled to punish, would never forget love and
forbearance! "No one, however great his crime," said she,
with flashing eyes--"no one shall be punished with death so long as I
sit upon this throne! From this day the punishment of death
is abolished in my realm! I will punish crime, but

I will spare the life of the criminal!" When Elizabeth had thus
spoken, the large hall again resounded with the rejoicing
shouts of the great and noble--men breathed freer and deeper, they
raised their heads more proudly; for centuries the all-powerful

word of the czars had swept over the heads of Russians like the sword
of Damocles--it
now seemed to be removed, and to promise to each one a longer life, a
longer unendangered existence. For where was there a subject of the
czars who might not at any time be convicted of a crime--where an
innocent person who might not at any moment be condemned to death? A
glance, a smile, an inconsiderate word, had
often sufficed to cause a head to fall! And now this eternally
present danger seemed to

be removed! What wonder, then, that they raised shouts of joy, that
they embraced each other, that they loudly and solemnly

called down the
blessings of Heaven upon this noble and merciful empress! During this
time of general rejoicing among the great
and noble of the realm in the brilliant imperial halls above, the
palace was surrounded
by dense masses of people looking up with curiosity

at the bright windows, and listening with astonishment to the joyful
shouts that reached their ears
below. And when they heard the cause of the rejoicing above, they
shrugged their shoulders and murmured low: "The empress will
henceforth punish no one with death! What is that to us? That the
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