[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 551155] Re: Beagle no longer indexes browser history

Ron_ ronald.liebman at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 30 23:28:08 BST 2010

The Beagle community (including Novell) seems unable to offer any
further support.  Also, I found no evidence that Canonical has changed
its support for desktop search apps since introducing Ubuntu 10.04
yesterday.  So after reviewing all of the information i could find
comparing strengths and weaknesses, I shut down the Beagle daemon and
installed Recoll.

So far, I am very pleased.  Documentation is good.  Installation was a
snap.  Minor customization (e.g., setting a parm to enable Recoll to
work with the Firefox Beagle add-on) was easy.  The whole conversion was
very uneventful.  Creation of the initial index was reasonably fast
(under an hour for about 250,000 files.)  The GUI is clean and clear.
All of the stuff that Beagle caught was there.  And all of the stuff
that Beagle missed -- like Thunderbird message content -- showed up.

Compare Recoll news...

    * 2010-01-05 : a 1.13.04 is out. It fixes a nasty bug (broken stemming) in 1.13.02.
    * 2010-01-29 : the full Recoll source repository is now hosted on Bitbucket, along with a Wiki and an issues tracking system. Hopefully, this new channel for reporting bugs and make suggestions will increase the feedback rate...
    * 2010-01-05 : a 1.13.02 is out. It brings some nice improvements and new functions. Please try it and report any problems.
    * 2009-12-10 : 1.12.4 is out. It fixes a problem in the preview window search function (qt4 only).
    * 2008-05-22 : we now have a mailing list:
          o Subscription management
          o Archives

... to Beagle news:
21 Jan 2010      Beagle status: Beagle isn't in active development. It is getting some occasional maintenance done by Novell. 
26 Jan 2009      Beagle 0.3.9 released. 
15 July 2008      Beagle 0.3.8 released. 
7 Jun 2008      Added initial support for indexing removable medium. 
21 May 2008      Added read-only RDF overlay on Beagle index. This RDF store can handle RDF queries and supports different query formats like SPARQL, N3 etc. 
14 May 2008      Kio-beagle ported to KDE4. 

The future is Recoll.

Beagle no longer indexes browser history
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Status in “beagle” package in Ubuntu: New

Bug description:
Binary package hint: beagle

This used to work, but now /home/.../.beagle/ToIndex contains over 17,500 entries with names like .firefox-beagle-web-5603be10c7945b9633f9f63d3ce01e26 .  Searches produce no web pages in results.

Using ubuntu-9.10-desktop-amd64: 2.6.31-20 x86_64 GNU/Linux with Beagle 0.3.9-3ubuntu1 from Synamptic.

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