[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 475811] Re: crashes when a filename uses ":"

knarf launchpad-ubuntu-f at unternet.org
Thu Nov 26 13:28:50 GMT 2009

Sebastien: the easiest way to import a 'buggy' image (?) is to remove
the colon from the name... or is that not what you meant?

To get f-spot to run as it is (without any patches) I'd suggest changing
the name of the picture on the filesystem and in the database. Even
though you could %-encode colons in the database this currently does not
seem to work well as they get written back as ordinary colons by f-spot.

To change the name in the database I'd suggest dumping it, editing the
dump and importing it again:

sqlite3 .config/f-spot/photos.db .dump > photos.dump

edit the resulting dump (change the offending colons into periods or underscores or whatnot)
change the filenames on the filesystem in a similar way

import the database:

cat photos.dump|sqlite3 photos.db

If sqlite3 does not give any errors and the database has a sane size
(slightly smaller than the original photos.db) you can try to start
f-spot with it:

mv .config/f-spot/photos.db .config/f-spot/photos.db.org
mv photos.db config/f-spot/photos.db
f-spot --debug

If it starts and the offending pictures are visible you're good to go.
If it crashes you might have forgotten a colon or two or messed up the
database in another way. If the offending pictures are missing you might
have forgotten to rename them in the filesystem.

crashes when a filename uses ":"
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