[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 378954] Re: Memory leakage when editing photos

Nick Sarten gen.battle at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 09:54:31 GMT 2009

I just replicated this bug on karmic with the following process:
1. Import a couple hundred photos into F-spot.
2. Go through each photo, using different operations from the edit menu on photos in the album.
3. Observe the memory usage for different operations

The result was a gradual and consistent increase in memory usage as more
photos were edited. I have not been able to make precise enough
measurements to determine which editing operations affect the memory
usage and are causing the leak, but i suspect there are problems with
multiple operations. The "Straighten" operation seems to be a definite
culprit, and a good candidate for further testing (along with the other
edit operations). Only 10 or so images/edits should be required to
generate a noticeable memory usage increase. I also haven't yet tested
whether performing multiple edits on a single image has the same effect.

I will report this upstream as soon as i have posted this new
information here. Sorry for the slow response, i have finally come to
the end of my final year of university, so have a little more time
available for this sort of detail. I will post again once i have
submitted the upstream report.

Memory leakage when editing photos
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