[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 378613] Re: banshee won't start on Jaunty powerpc (Mono.Data.SQLiteClient exception thrown)

directhex directhex at apebox.org
Thu Jun 4 12:21:35 BST 2009

I'm attaching an "empty" database from Banshee 1.4.3 on AMD64 to this
bug. Can a PPC owner please try dropping it in place instead of their
current file, and see if Banshee starts? I want to see whether the
problem is happening at the point where the DB is populated, or when it
is subsequently read back.

It would also be very valuable to test against Mono 2.4 - this is
available for PPC in Debian Unstable, but not in any Ubuntu yet for PPC
(i have i386 on my PPA, you could recompile the source package locally)

** Attachment added: "banshee.db"

banshee won't start on Jaunty powerpc (Mono.Data.SQLiteClient exception thrown)
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