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G on the pleasure of breakfasting with the prospect of a possible and
immediate explosion. In passing through the first chamber, Nigel
observed, in a natural recess, the library just referred to. He also
noted that, besides stuffed birds and other specimens and sea-shells,
there were chisels, saws, hammers, and other tools, besides something
like a forge and carpenter's bench in a side-chamber opening out of the
large one, which he had not at first seen--from all which he concluded
that the hermit was imbued with mechanical as well as scientific and
literary tastes. At the further and darker end of the outer cave there
was a staircase, partly natural, and partly improved by art, which led
upward into profound darkness. "Let me take your hand here," said the
hermit, looking down upon his guest with his slight but winning smile;
"it is a rough and dark staircase. You will be apt to stumble." Nigel
placed his hand in that of his host with perfect confidence, and with a
curious feeling--aroused, probably, by the action--of having returned to
the days of childhood. The stair was indeed rugged as well as winding,
and so pitchy dark that the youth could not have advanced at all without
stumbling, unless his host had held him all the way. At last a glimmer
of light was seen in the distance. It seemed to increase suddenly, and
in a few moments the two emerged from total darkness into da
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