[ubuntu-mono] MSG ID:98121 Thousands of branded footwear

anatole don U9z61webdesign at sosi.net
Thu Jul 17 13:58:25 BST 2008

The world's largest luxury store for shoes and bags is just one click away.
Recommended by thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, we carry dozens of famous brands including:

~ Louis Vuitton
~ Armani
~ Gucci
~ Prada
~ Hermes

Here you will find thousands of stunning designs for shoes, and leather products, at rock bottom pricing.
Prices range from just $39 to $199; quality is assured and satisfaction absolutely guaranteed.
Sale ends this week, so visit us today and start pampering yourself and your loved ones!

- Visit our site:   www.millstay[DOT]com 
(copy this link and then replace "[DOT]" to ".") 

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