[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 227781] Re: libapache2-mod-mono and libapache2-mod-php are mutually exclusive

Adam Conrad adconrad at 0c3.net
Mon Jul 7 23:35:21 BST 2008

>From the Debian changelog:

  * Replaced build-dependency apache2-dev || apache2-threaded-dev with only
  * Replaced apache2 binary dependency with apache2-mpm-worker, as the built
    module for threaded apache will not work with prefork apache.

This is a blatant lie and misunderstanding of the apache2 headers.  He
was *always* building against threaded headers (apache2-dev pulls in
threaded headers), so the first change made no difference whatsoever
and, if the package always worked with -prefork before (which is should
have, and people claim it did), it still would.

Backing out the second change would be a pretty non-intrusive thing,
pretty much a no-brainer for Intrepid, and probably a good idea for a
Hardy SRU as well, assuming this module actually has a userbase of any

libapache2-mod-mono and libapache2-mod-php are mutually exclusive
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