[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 191475] Re: [hardy] media tab in file management preferences missing applications

reassuringlyoffensive reassuringlyoffensive at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 05:23:38 BST 2008

Just done some testing today and come up with a working per-user method,
which I recommend now rather than my previous efforts. Sorry about the
confusion, the tests could have been better,

After following these instructions, you will have two alternate entries
in your context menu "Open with" list and the file properties "Open
with" list, so that you can open VLC with the standard command.

To change the default DVD player in Hardy to VLC, open the Terminal and
copy and paste this command into it:

gksudo gedit /etc/gnome/defaults.list
Press "ctrl+f" and search for "x-content/video", then change the totem.desktop" entries to vlc.desktop". Close and save.
Next, right-click on "Applications" in the top panel and select "Edit Menus" to open the default menu editor. Navage down to "Sound & Video" in the left pane, select it, then right-click on "VLC media player" in the right pane, select "Properties" and change the launch command from "wxvlc %F" to:
vlc --vout-filter deinterlace --deinterlace-mode blend --volume 512 --fullscreen %m
Close the VLC properties dialog and exit the menu editor. Finally, navigate to Places>Home>Edit>Preferences>Media>DVD Video and  select VLC.

[hardy] media tab in file management preferences missing applications
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