[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 139226] Re: ipod doesn't appear in banshee

Jan Michael Ibanez jmibanez at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 15:20:14 BST 2008

Installing podsleuth and adding user haldaemon to group plugdev resolved
the issue for me.

As a point of comparison, a laptop I own had a similar issue, and
installing podsleuth fixed things. This laptop was originally installed
with Edgy, which was then upgraded to Feisty (on Feisty release) then
Gutsy on release, then finally to Hardy Beta recently. User and group
definitions were not touched from then on.

Another laptop I own was installed from scratch with Hardy Beta then
upgraded to the latest updates. I found the same issue as this one,
where Banshee didn't see my iPod. I installed podsleuth, and that didn't
fix things (in fact, running podsleuth would complain that the method it
was looking for in HAL wasn't found).

However, doing a compare of user and group definitions between the two
machines had haldaemon as a member of plugdev, floppy, and cdrom on the
dist-upgraded machine; haldaemon on the new machine didn't have such
memberships. Adding haldaemon to plugdev then solved it for me.

ipod doesn't appear in banshee
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