[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 69752] Re: beagled-helper and beagle run away with CPU and memory

dBera dbera.web at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 17:13:07 GMT 2007

Panagiotis, just in case if beagled is still running or if you happen to
find this again, could you send the output of

$ beagle-index-info
$ beagle-status
$ ls -l ~/.beagle/Log/

In two terminals, do
$ tail -f ~/.beagle/Log/current-Beagle
$ tail -f ~/.beagle/Log/current-IndexHelper
(it will keep printing the debug messages, press ctrl-c to stop)
Then from another terminal,
$ kill -USR2 `pidof beagled`
(if pidof program is not installed, find the pid of beagled and use it)
This command will print something in the current-Beagle and current-IndexHelper log files. Paste the outputs of both.

Thanks. Chris, this bug _is_ getting attention. Read the previous
responses from Joe - there has been several different causes for the
same problem; many are fixed and for the rest, we need some diagnostic
feedback to trace where the problem is. You should realize that these
problems are not easy to reproduce.

beagled-helper and beagle run away with CPU and memory
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