[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 90364] Re: Mono craches at Nautilus start.

cameo73 jeroen.brattinga at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 09:13:42 BST 2007

Got the same problem (also on Ubuntu Edgy). I started noticing this
problem after the following updates (and a reboot):

libnautilus-extension-dev (2.16.1-0ubuntu3) to 2.16.1-0ubuntu3.2
libnautilus-extension1 (2.16.1-0ubuntu3) to 2.16.1-0ubuntu3.2
nautilus (2.16.1-0ubuntu3) to 2.16.1-0ubuntu3.2
nautilus-data (2.16.1-0ubuntu3) to 2.16.1-0ubuntu3.2
popularity-contest (1.33ubuntu2) to 1.33ubuntu2.3
update-notifier (0.43.2) to 0.43.4

Oh, and I had just installed Beagle from http://beagle-

** Attachment added: "crashlog"

Mono craches at Nautilus start.

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