[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 66689] Re: dhcp3-server misuses debconf

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Sat Apr 14 09:20:17 BST 2007

Indeed xserver-xorg is a package which does it horribly wrong. It
clobbers the users' configuration instead of reading the users'
modifications from xorg.conf first. There are several precautions in the
maintainer scripts to ensure that they are not accidentally overwritten
on a package upgrade.

postfix somewhat shys away from the problem by defaulting to 'no
configuration' if main.cf already exists.

Prefering the configuration file over debconf settings is the way that
"man debconf-devel" documents, and I wholeheartedly agree to it.
debconf is not a permanent configuration database, but a cache (it's in
/var/cache/ for that reason), the authoritative configuration is in
configuration files in /etc, just as in any other Unix.

I am aware of above packages, but I would rather seem them getting fixed
instead of breaking behaviour of even more packages.

So maybe we should devote this bug to xserver-xorg then?

dhcp3-server misuses debconf
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