[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 71383] Re: Beagle crash on startup

Philip Ganchev philip at cs.pitt.edu
Sun Apr 1 22:24:22 BST 2007

Attached is a crash "stacktrace" (report) generated using the second
method described on http://beagle-
project.org/Troubleshooting#Beagle_crashes_on_login .  It ends with an
address boundary error.

Beagled crashes not only when I log in, but consistently every time I
start it.  I just start it from the command line and watch it crash
after about 1 minute.  Let me know if this is not a duplicate bug and I
should submit a separate report.  My command shell is Fish (the Friendly
Interactive Shell).  I am running Ubuntu Edgy Eft on an Intel 32-bit

** Attachment added: "output from "beagle --fg""

Beagle crash on startup

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