[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 89487] Re: beagle-build-index hangs and must be killed

Milan nalimilan at club.fr
Sun Apr 1 13:57:57 BST 2007

I have had the same problem here, but I cannot reproduce it. I stopped
beagle-build-index using 'killall beagle-build-index', and the logs
confirm that it stopped normally. But anyway, it was eating all CPU,
apparently building a new index because I have recently upgraded to

I attach the two logs hoping this can help, but if you find a way to
reproduce it, I will try to. This is not a terrible but, since the
process is likely to finish successfully, but it's annoying and does not
correspond to Beagle standard behavior.

** Attachment added: "Milan's Beagle log for 100% CPU usage from b-b-i"

beagle-build-index hangs and must be killed

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