[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 89487] Re: beagle-build-index hangs and must be killed

dBera dbera.web at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 14:12:55 BST 2007

> I have had the same problem here, but I cannot reproduce it. I stopped
> beagle-build-index using 'killall beagle-build-index', and the logs
> confirm that it stopped normally. But anyway, it was eating all CPU,
> apparently building a new index because I have recently upgraded to
> Feisty.
> I attach the two logs hoping this can help, but if you find a way to

Unfortunately beagle-build-index is different that beagled (you
attached the logs for beagled). beagled works in your home directory
and other directories containing your personal files and data.
beagle-build-index works on system/common files only.

To reproduce this, find who is starting beagle-build-index (its one of
the crop scripts probably). Look at the full command line (ps auxw) to
see the full command line parameters. Then kill b-b-i and give the
same command from a terminal (you might need to sudo with the correct
user). Observe the terminal, you will know which file was causing the
CPU drain.

beagle-build-index hangs and must be killed

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