[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 62637] Re: AudioScrobbler plugin only reports tracks which were manually played

Adam McMaster adam at moosoft.net
Wed Sep 27 20:24:17 BST 2006

This definitely only happens when the plugin has just been enabled.  To
reproduce, open the plugins window and deactivate the audioscrobber
plugin.  Then reactivate it and play some tracks, only the one you
double click will be submitted.

Doesn't appear to be anything useful in the terminal output.  The last
two lines are when I deactivated then reactivated the plugin, there was
no output while it was playing:

adam at phoenix:~$ banshee 
Warning: [27/09/2006 20:10:11] (Cannot connect to NetworkManager) - An available, working network connection will be assumed
Debug: [27/09/2006 20:10:14] (Default player engine) - GStreamer 0.10
Debug: [27/09/2006 20:10:14] (Audio CD Core Initialised) - 
Audioscrobbler starting protocol engine
Warning: [27/09/2006 20:10:15] (Could not initialize plugin `Daap') - Daemon not running
Setting MusicBrainz proxy to www.musicbrainz.org:80

(Banshee:26948): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_view_get_cell_area: assertion
`GTK_WIDGET_REALIZED (tree_view)' failed

(Banshee:26948): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_tree_view_get_cell_area: assertion `GTK_WIDGET_REALIZED (tree_view)' failed
Audioscrobbler stopping protocol engine
Audioscrobbler starting protocol engine

AudioScrobbler plugin only reports tracks which were manually played

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