[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 61670] Re: gmcs keeps crashing

Philipp Baer phbaer at npw.net
Thu Sep 21 15:33:35 BST 2006

Ok, I've had a look at the problem again. It seems that this is the

Compile a piece of code (Hello World, for example) with a library reference, i.e.
# gmcs -r:MDTTools.dll test.cs

If the referenced library is not in the GAC but in the MONO_PATH, gmcs
dies with the error message mentioned above. Using the absolute path for
the library fixes this problem.

It seems that the new shadow copy mechanism only searches the GAC but
does not take care of the MONO_PATH... don't actually know what it
should do, but with mono everything works just fine.

Maybe a bug report on mono-dev would be more appropriate?

gmcs keeps crashing

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