[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 59211] Re: Blam doesn't start since Mono update (Edgy)

aurelien naldi aurelien.naldi at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 12:59:23 BST 2006

I can also  confirm this problem. The same happened with f-spot which is now fixed, I tried to rebuild the package (using apt-get source...) but this failed with:
Printing.cs(17,10): error CS0104: `PrintJob' is an ambiguous reference between `Gnome.PrintJob' and `Gtk.PrintJob'

after adding the "Gnome." prefix in two places I was able to build it
but the original problem did not vanish. Changing the signature did not
solve it either: this function is associated with both the
"delete_event" (close button) and the "quit_action" (menu item) which
require different signatures. Oddly, this argument is not used and
making it an object also triggers this error :/

I had to create a second function (simple delegate) to associate with
the delete event.

I am attaching a patch including all these changes but I'm not sure it
is well formatted.

** Attachment added: "patch solving compilation errors and method signature"

Blam doesn't start since Mono update (Edgy)

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