[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 4839] (dapper) blam stopped working

Matt Philmon mattisking at pobox.com
Mon Mar 13 20:20:44 GMT 2006

Public bug report changed:

Here's what's necessary right now to make blam work on Dapper:
1) cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous at anoncvs.gnome.org:/cvs/gnome co -P blam
2) Get the dependencies installed: sudo apt-get build-dep blam
(to make sure also: sudo apt-get install firefox-dev)
3) cd blam/libblam
4) gedit blam-gecko-utils.cpp and add this include":
 #include <nsServiceManagerUtils.h>
That is needed because of the upgrade from Firefox 1.0.x to 1.5.x.
5) cd ../src
6) gedit Application.cs and comment out the references to the trayicon:
//private TrayIcon trayIcon;
//trayIcon = new....
... and finally in the function UpdateTotalNumberofUnread(), comment out the if/else:
/* if (nrOfUnread > 0) {
7) cd .. && ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr && make && sudo make install
8) sudo mkdir /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox
9) cd /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox
10) sudo ln -s /usr/lib/firefox/libgtkembedmoz.so

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