[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 34417] MONO_PATH not set by default.

Sebastian Dröge mail at slomosnail.de
Sat Mar 11 15:58:06 GMT 2006

Public bug report changed:

Yeah thanks for reporting that bug :) But you have to expect problems
everytime you run a package from another distribution... it may work in
the distribution it was targeted at but could break miserable for you.

The bug in mono is the following:
When you link a assembly against some library the major and minor version [1] and the public key fingerprint will be stored in that assembly. Now when running that assembly mono looks for a library with the same name, the same major/minor version and the same key fingerprint and fails with an error message like your's when there is no library that fullfills all three requirements. But for some reason mono does this checks only for stuff in the GAC, not for stuff in MONO_PATH. MS .NET checks even for that stuff, thus it's wrong behaviour in mono.

[1]: assembly versions are in the format major,minor,revision,build

But please file a bug on autopano-sift when the problem still exists after rebuilding it for breezy. That shouldn't happen.

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