[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 6557] banshee segfaults on amd64

Christian Bjälevik nafallo at magicalforest.se
Sun Jan 8 21:14:00 GMT 2006

Public bug report changed:

For ajmitch ;-):

To reproduce I just run it. I though I was going to paste the standard
output in a terminal, but it seems I got another bug ;-).

nafallo at darkelf:~ $ banshee

Unhandled Exception: DBus.DBusException: No reply within specified time
in [0x00063] (at /build/buildd/dbus-0.60/mono/Message.cs:227) DBus.Message:SendWithReplyAndBlock ()
in <0x0008e> Banshee.BansheeCore.Proxy:PresentWindow ()
in [0x00001] (at /tmp/buildd/banshee-0.10.2/src/Main.cs:240) Banshee.BansheeEntry:Present (Banshee.BansheeCore dbusCore)
in [0x002ff] (at /tmp/buildd/banshee-0.10.2/src/Main.cs:224) Banshee.BansheeEntry:HandleDbusCommands (Banshee.BansheeCore dbusCore)
in [0x001a9] (at /tmp/buildd/banshee-0.10.2/src/Main.cs:89) Banshee.BansheeEntry:Startup (System.String[] args)
in [0x00001] (at /tmp/buildd/banshee-0.10.2/src/Main.cs:57) Banshee.BansheeEntry:Main (System.String[] args)

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