[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 77106] 100% cpu load after 5' of inactivity

kaiousama lucads at email.it
Fri Dec 29 05:28:26 GMT 2006

Public bug reported:

This bug is present on laptop Dell Inspiron 6400, cpu intel core duo
T2500, Ubuntu 6.10, kernel generic.

When I leave my dell laptop without moving the mouse nor typing on the
keyboard for more than 5 minutes, the cpu usage of the 2nd core goes to
100% and it remains locked at 100% unltil I move the mouse again (or
press a key).

This bug seems to be appeared after last week kernel update on my Ubuntu 6.10 (current kernel version: linux-image-2.6.17-10-generic

Actually I've tested the following, but none of them changed the bug
behaviour, still 100% load on 2nd core after 5' of inactivity:

- Disabling the fan regulator daemon "dellfand"
- Disabling acpi services from "adnimistration->services" menu
- Disabling powernowd service from "adnimistration->services" menu

Then i've tried this way:

- Compiling a custom kernel version 2.6.19 from sources with the same
setting of ubuntu's default.

..and the bug changed so that after 5' of inactivity the 1st core (and
not anymore the 2nd core) goes 100% of load, this doesn't resolve the
problem but maybe confirms it is something kernel-related.

Please tell me if there is a useful log i can attach to this bug

This bug is very critical for me because i'm not allowed to leave the
laptop for more than 5' unless i risk cpu overheating.

** Affects: beagle (Ubuntu)
     Importance: High
         Status: Unconfirmed

100% cpu load after 5' of inactivity

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