[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 75266] Re: Banshee hangs/crashes on podcast downloads

KenSentMe jeroen at vandenieuwenhof.nl
Tue Dec 12 13:08:06 GMT 2006

Gnomefreak adviced me to use a strace. I ran it, but couldn't reproduce 
the problem. I will do a trace when i know how to properly reproduce it.

However i found out something else:

When i download one podcast the status bar says it's downloading one 
file with a decent speed (150 kb/s this time). When i select multiple 
tracks to download it says that it's downloading approx. 150 files with 
a speed of 2 kb/s. I don't know if my speed actually drops, but the 
information is incorrect.

Should i file a new bug on this issue?



Banshee hangs/crashes on podcast downloads

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