[ubuntu-mono] [Bug 74404] Re: new upstream (0.3)

Shot shot at hot.pl
Mon Dec 4 21:47:49 GMT 2006

Thanks, Andrew. I actually planned to file a wishlist bug to the Debian
BTS, but figured out Ubuntu’s reportbug will most probably actually send
it to ubuntu-users.

Sorry for filing a bogus Launchpad report, Roel; due to my Debian
background I didn’t realise Launchpad is not the right place for this.
Also, the page you linked states, ‘Note that you should only use this
page for software that aren’t packaged in Debian. If Debian already has
a package, please file a bug in Launchpad instead.’

I’m glad I’ll be able to rebuild the new F-Spot for my Edgy install as
soon as the Herd 1 freeze is over.

new upstream (0.3)

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