script rsync to sincronize

Ted Cabeen cabeen at
Fri Oct 24 17:38:21 BST 2008

Looking through it, it looks like a pretty straightforward perl script, 
and should run on CentOS if you extract it out of the .deb.  However, 
I'd only recommend using debmirror if you want to mirror a subset of the 
archive.  If you're willing to host the whole ubuntu archive, BlueT's 
script will work fine.


Tiago Santos wrote:
> Hello again.
> It works on a CentOS system? My base system on the mirro server is 
> CentOS 5.2.
> Ted Cabeen wrote:
>> Install the debmirror package.  It takes care of everything.  Here's 
>> my command-line for updating/syncing the mirror (hardy/gutsy only):
>> debmirror -h --method=rsync -r :ubuntu -d gutsy -d 
>> hardy -d gutsy-backports -d gutsy-proposed -d gutsy-security -d 
>> gutsy-updates -d hardy-backports -d hardy-proposed -d hardy-security 
>> -d hardy-updates 
>> --section=main,multiverse,restricted,universe,main/debian-installer 
>> --arch=i386,amd64 --rsync-options="-aILq --partial --bwlimit=3000" 
>> --ignore-small-errors /path/to/your/ftp/directory
>> --Ted
>> Tiago Santos wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> I'm building a Ubuntu mirror but i'm new with rsync. Can anyone tell 
>>> me the script to use to sync the mirror?
>>> Thanks

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