Registered mirror not added to mirror list

Scott angrykeyboarder at
Wed Feb 13 23:35:38 GMT 2008

Stuart McKim spake thusly:
 > I registered my mirrors in launchpad on 2007-12-13 and checked the box
 > requesting to become an official mirror.

I've been using your Ubuntu mirrors for well over a year and I've been 
dumbfounded as to why you aren't listed as an "official mirror".

The mirrors are lightning fast and update quite frequently 
(great when you're testing the development version).  Ubuntu users are 
really missing out (unless they already found it like I did - by accident).

 > After not hearing back from the admins, I sent an e-mail to the
 > mirrors at ubuntu address listed on the mirror info page. I sent e-mails to
 > that address on 2008-01-08 and 2008-01-31. I received an answer to
 > neither. Supposedly this process is supposed to take 48 hours, not 2
 > months.


At this point, I'd file a bug report (good luck with that...).

In the meantime, on behalf of those of use who have been using for all this time, I thank you. :)


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