Registered mirror not added to mirror list

Stuart McKim mckim at
Wed Feb 13 21:50:26 GMT 2008

I registered my mirrors in launchpad on 2007-12-13 and checked the box
requesting to become an official mirror.

After not hearing back from the admins, I sent an e-mail to the
mirrors at ubuntu address listed on the mirror info page. I sent e-mails to
that address on 2008-01-08 and 2008-01-31. I received an answer to
neither. Supposedly this process is supposed to take 48 hours, not 2

Is that address even used? I am trying to add
and remove because
it is incorrect. But, since it was not created by me, I can't make
changes to it.

Are there any admins on this list that can look into this?


Stuart McKim
FTP Administrator
Open Source Lab
Oregon State University
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