Easier ISO downloads for users

Francois Petillon ftpmaint at proxad.net
Fri Feb 9 09:50:12 GMT 2007

Anthony Bryan wrote:
> Or a file can be downloaded from many mirrors at once, usually making the download go much faster.

Hello again... :-)

As usual, I will remind you that doing segmented downloads is not
creating free bandwidth but it only allow one user to steal bandwidth
(or server ressources) from other users. Thus once everyone use this
kind of tools, you simply won't have more bandwidth than before but as
servers will have to manage many more connections on smaller transfer
size, you are likely to get degraded bandwidth.

Moreover, as usually servers set a maximum number of simultaneous
allowed connections, using more connnections will increase the risk to
fill up this number and to block others users connections.

Last and for all previous reasons, some admins will disable needed
commands to resume downloads. On the server I manage, when an IP was
allowed to open up to 4 connections, 30% of users were using 60% of
server ressources...


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