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>> Hi Ubuntu-Marketing. I ama a student at a small high school in Southwest
>> Missouri. Recently we had an assignment in a class where we had to give a
>> presentation on a group/organization/movement. I chose to give my
>> presentation on Ubuntu. I explained what an operating system was, then what
>> open source software was. I explained how the open source community worked
>> and why Open Source Software tends to be more secure, faster, and easier to
>> use than Proprietary Software, and how these benefits were present in
>> Ubuntu, in a way that the average computer user could understand. I also
>> demonstrated some programs that come with Ubuntu and how they could do many
>> of the tasks just as well or sometimes better than their Proprietary
>> counterparts.
>> The response was great. Several students were interested in learning more
>> about Ubuntu and OSS after I gave the presentation. The school's principal,
>> who also happened to be there during the presentation, was also interested
>> in Ubuntu as well as the applications that I showed. I think that there is
>> an opportunity of some kind here to get OSS in use at my school, because the
>> students, teacher (of the class I gave the presentation in), and principal
>> all seemed to be open towards the concept of free software.
>> What I want to do is get my school to at least try Ubuntu out in one of
>> the computer labs or something like that. I think if I could demonstrate
>> that it is a viable alternative to Microsoft Windows + Office, which is what
>> we currently use on all our computers, would save decent amounts of money,
>> and would give access to some pretty amazing educational programs (The
>> periodic table of elements program immediately comes to mind), they would be
>> willing to try it.
>> That being said, I need to be able to convince the IT staff that it would
>> be easy to learn, easier to manage than Windows Server Edition (Which is
>> what we use), and compatible with the current infrastructure that we have.
>> If I can do that, plus convince the administration that we would save costs
>> etc., I think they would consider trying it out, or even switching over
>> entirely.
>> Can you guys help me with this (especially the convincing the IT staff
>> part) ?
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> For schools,you are better off with Edubuntu <http://edubuntu.org>
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