[ubuntu-marketing] The Free Software, Open Source promise: what FOSS means for non-coders

John Vilsack vilsack at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 17:06:53 GMT 2010

> are you sure this example of yours makes sense? I mean, are you saying
> that DRM happens because proprietary software exists? I am not sure I
> follow you here.
>                                Marco

Not to mention a blanket-statement like this is FUD that the Internet
slams corporations for.

DRM as a concept is not inherently bad.  Its simply poor
implementations we've seen up to this point and how its been co-opted
by media conglomerates that force us as a community to paint it in a
negative light.  Someday, someone may actually get it right.

In fact, the angle in this situation would be to promote FOSS as a
possible savior of DRM by letting the community build something that
works correctly and protects the rights of the users throughout the
world (not just the US and the Fair Use clause).

There is no need to vilify the opposition when they do a fine job
smearing egg on their face without your help.  Instead, I personally
would opt to proclaim the limitless possibilities that exist in
software that is free and open to the world, since that is a more
positive approach in a world plagued with far too much cynicism.


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