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Mon Feb 8 14:54:09 GMT 2010


MOSS, is proud to present it's second issue. Like we thought and as was
warned that this is a challenge, MOSS aims to be a monthly magazine; and of
course we know the burden it puts on us.

This issue features six writers who help comprise the vanguard of FLOSS in
the Maldives. In addition to how-tos, how we did it, "what I use" and "what
I think of"! In this magazine you can find an insight of challenges the IT
Industry of Maldives will face in the next 2 years. Details of the Moodle
project localization to Dhivehi. Other articles include introduction of
various Linux programs used by our members. How to build or compile from
source tar files and about Linux desktop environments, this time KDE. Last
but not the least, a small nostalgic writeup of the magazine history for the

Grab a copy at http://www.moss.org.mv/


Yusuf Abdulla Shunan
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