[ubuntu-marketing] Creating Viral Videos - Who's interested?

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Wed Feb 3 18:36:13 GMT 2010

Mike Feravolo wrote:
> Hello:
> For those of you that are thinking about making a "Viral Video" for 
> Ubuntu should consider a few things:
> 1) Most Windows Users just it because it is already on the computer when 
> they buy it a some major retailer.
> 2) In order for a video to become viral and effective it has to be 
> "fun", and still deliver the message to the target audience.
> 3) If you target "Linux Users" you are wasting your time, because 
> everyone in the Linux community already knows about Ubuntu and they are 
> already Linux users.
> 4) Develop a solid marketing plan and state your objectives before you 
> start production, otherwise you aren't going to know how to measure your 
> success.
> I wish you all luck an would like to see what comes out of your effort.


In fact when making the target to be an average Windows user who is
just confident enough to install programs, I would seriously consider
not even mentioning 'GNU/Linux' at all!

Just say Ubuntu is a great system! And it does not get viruses. Great
support community forums! Thousands of apps! It is fantasy land come true.

In fact that might be a viral idea:

Make a humorous fantasy advert for a computer system, so good it
cannot be true.
(But in fact it is true it is Ubuntu!)

alan cocks
Ubuntu user

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