[ubuntu-marketing] Creating Viral Videos - Who's interested?

John Vilsack vilsack at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 16:26:16 GMT 2010

Great idea, but the question nobody seems to be asking is "Why?"

When allocating time and resources to a project, you have to have a goal of
what you wish to accomplish with it.  What is the end result you wish to
see?  How are you going to get the video "viral"?

How are you going to get the video into the hands of people who are
unfamiliar with Ubuntu and use the video as a means of convincing them that
Ubuntu is the clear choice for their OS needs?

How would hosting it on Blip.tv, a website with far less of a userbase (and
substantially more technical oriented, I would imagine since its niche
caters to those that care about ogg) that would benefit from exposure to
alternatives to paid operating systems give the hard work you all want to
put into this a substantial advantage in getting your word out?

If there are any answers here that can be backed up with data and facts,
then by all means go at it full force and godspeed.  If its just because
"you want to" then again, I wish you the best of luck.

Other than that, wouldn't simply creating several videos for the casual
computer user about how to download, install, and get started in Ubuntu be
easier and more beneficial than a commercial? Danny Piccirillo created a
fantastic "Top Things to do After Installing Ubuntu" post on his site that
is one of the first things I link to new users.  Its concise, its well
presented, and it serves a purpose by delivering a clear benefit.

This message is not meant to dissuade any ideas, but I'd hate to see all of
your hard work end up being a link passed between people who already know
and love Ubuntu while it never delivers on the initial promise.
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