[ubuntu-marketing] Upcoming IRC Meeting Agenda

John Vilsack vilsack at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 14:37:50 GMT 2009

For more information on this meeting, please go to:


Hope to see you there!


In a few short hours, we will be holding a meeting on the
#ubuntu-meeting channel to brainstorm and discuss some of the changes
we would like to see in the Community Marketing Team's focus moving
forward.  As mentioned before, this meeting is not mandatory and
everything discussed will bleed out to these mailing lists, but it may
be a good way to interface with our fellow Ubuntuers in real time.

The agenda will be fairly free flowing, given that we expect to see
several more active members in the community not in attendance due to
the developer conference.  Here's how I expect things to go:

0000 - 0005 Arrivals
0005 Call to Order / Introductions
0010 - 0015 Update on Volunteer Registry
0015 - 0030 Open Floor Topic: Discuss how to continue to improve
accessibility to Marketing team
0030 - 0045 Open Floor Topic: Integrating workflow/knowledgeflow from
wiki to SpreadUbuntu and other warehouses
0045 - 0055 Open Floor Topic: Making projects more transparent and
open to volunteers
0055 - 0100 Closing: Topics for next meeting, review any action items
0100 Conclusion

It probably looks more rigid than it really will be, but I expect if
there is any activity, it will happen mostly as a collaboration during
Open Floor.

If you have any questions or want to make sure something is covered
(even if you aren't going to be here!) please feel free to add it to
the mailing list!

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you later tonight (tonight for me, anyway)!

- John

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