[ubuntu-marketing] [Blueprint community-marketing-revive] Reviving and Improving Community Marketing

Henry Verbeek henry at gamerzday.nl
Fri Nov 6 21:23:10 GMT 2009

Hi All,

If this is the wrong place to answer just tell me.

John Vilsack schreef:
> Blueprint changed by John Vilsack:
> Whiteboard changed:
>   We must decide on regular activities for the Marketing Team to perform
> + 
> + Make the community more accessible to newcomers and volunteers who don't
> + have a lot of time or energy to spare looking for things to do.
> + 
> + Begin the process of creating easy to obtain packets for meetings, new
> + evangelists, etc. who want to promote Ubuntu.
This is a good one i am new to marketing and am looking for
tools/products to help promote Ubuntu.
So in sted of the thread a info page is a option.

> + 
> + Work directly with the current mailing list discussion about
> + reorganization to incorporate the ideas currently proposed to make the
> + team stronger.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Henry Verbeek.

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