[ubuntu-marketing] Reviving the Marketing Team (yet again!) with a focus on simple activism

John Vilsack vilsack at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 00:11:40 GMT 2009

While I appreciate all this newfound enthusiasm about planning,
planning to plan, voting to meet, meeting to vote, and planning to
plan a plan about voting to vote to meet if we need to vote on a
meeting, I'm going to proceed with the meeting on November 11/12.

The idea about organizing the Ubuntu Community Marketing Team is not
new, and people have had more than enough opportunity to take this
proverbial bull by the horns and help get things started here.  To see
that it only begins to happen when someone else tries to first,
saddens me.

I'm not attempting to usurp anyone's position or claim one for myself.
 I'm offering the benefits of similar experience to help create a
foundation others here can use.  If and when that is accomplished,
I'll move on to other areas of helping Ubuntu because I strongly
believe no one person should be looked to as the "leader" of this

I commend those that have worked on projects for Ubuntu's marketing
with little to no help from this group, Canonical, or others to
achieve their goals.  But the mechanism for getting new people
involved here is broken, and I will do what I can to fix it.

On that note, I'll be continuing my efforts.  If they fall upon the
deaf ears of a silent majority that does not wish to see what I'm
trying to offer, then the sandbox will once again be yours.

In the meantime, I politely bow out of this thread of the discussion,
and will focus on the future and not your past.


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