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Craig Huffstetler craig.huffstetler at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 17:45:13 GMT 2009

On Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 12:20 PM, Warren W <linuxmalta at gmail.com> wrote:

> hey guys, well i have been doing internet marketing for the past 2 years on
> the net where i find most of my friends on social networking, gaming sites
> and so on, i actually run in 4 comunity groups for linux, ubuntu-mt, mlug,
> linuxmalta.tk winmalta.tk osalt.com and more but i even print and
> distribute flyers banners and so on on the island of malta with no sponser
> and so on so i am soon broke and can not run on my own dime any more and how
> about making something like funds for marketing ubuntu in out respective
> lands?

I understand your point concerning money and the "value" of it in Internet
Marketing. I really do not think that is the case always. It's usually more
time investment and this is where we will be spending. Money may be the case
for certain services such as: Google Adwords, printing flyers, and other
such things. However, I think it is up to us, as Internet Marketers as you
point out, to embrace technologies that do not rely on money. For example,
social networking.

Twitter is a good example. So are Facebook fan pages or even open source
"network"/"community" projects.

A Twitter Example:
For the Jaunty release party we could provide teams with core examples of
how to take their "release parties" up a notch. Instead of just having them
in local bars and restaurants, why not connect the whole state or region
using one simple Twitter hashtag? This is where I think Ubuntu Marketing
could come in and at least help provide some unique "ideas" more than
anything. We have the brainpower, why not use it?

Another example is SEO and getting people to membership sites.

One other thing is simply active members for the U.S. LoCos. I know that a
lot the U.S. LoCos do not have a problem getting members, but have a problem
having *active* members. That's a key differentiator and I think we can
help. It's all marketing and communications: setting guidelines and helping
team leaders, prospects, and members understand the role that activity plays
in community.

I think it starts with us and we can really make a difference.


Craig Huffstetler
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