[ubuntu-marketing] Hopeful News for a 2009 Advertising Campaign

Ronnie Tucker ronnie at ronnietucker.co.uk
Thu Jan 8 21:23:21 GMT 2009

OK, here's a 'beta2' of the WhyUbuntu comparison video I was working on. 
Completely remade in Sony Vegas (thanks for the tip Jacob!) clocks in at 
50 secs, and using a bit more pizazz this time. This is much closer to 
my original idea...


It still needs some music, had a quick look on Jamendo.com - but it'd 
take me forever to wade through the site, any suggestions? Any of you 
good folks got some suitable music on a favourites list??

All comments welcome.

Alan Lord wrote:
> Ronnie Tucker wrote:
>> It's not finished yet, still need to add some sort of free music over it 
>> (suggestions? Something soothing I reckon). But for your (pre)viewing 
>> pleasure: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5931624988227229012&hl=en
>> (ironically, I had to use Windows Movie Maker to create it  :/  )
> One thing jumped out at me; it might be construed as being picky but it 
> will be noticed.
> OpenOffice. It really should be called OpenOffice.org. OpenOffice 
> (without the .org) is a trademark owned by someone/thing else. OOo like 
> to see the full name at all times.
> Nice idea though, the comparison of apps works well. Perhaps a bit more 
> "energy" or dynamism (some kind of Compiz style might be nice i.e. 
> Windows on one cube face and Ubuntu on another?)...
> Cheers
> Al

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