[ubuntu-marketing] Whyubuntu.com : : Status Update?

Martin Meredith mez at ubuntu.com
Wed Jan 7 00:19:32 GMT 2009

On Wed, Jan 07, 2009 at 12:06:24AM +0000, Christopher Swift wrote:
> Hello again, I am just trying to find out where you guys are regarding
> the whyubuntu.com project. I would like to find out people's progress so
> far. At this moment in time I have just secured myself a director i.e. a
> student doing Film & Media Studies. We're working out the fine details
> of the project over here as a contributor on this end. I would like to
> make a request however to Jacob; my friend would happily help the
> project however he is asking if he may use his work on his course
> portfolio & projects. Also it would be appreciated if it was possible
> for him to use the final videos too however he of course wouldn't be
> referenced as the author rather a contributor refering to the final
> project, especially the case of the "I Am Ubuntu" sub-project to show
> the examiner the community end-product and how his contribution can be
> used together to create something bigger. 

As far as I know, any contributed works will be legally owned for use by their 
respective creators, and will only be used within the site if they are licenced 
under a licence that allows us to use them (Something like 
CC-Attribution-Sharealike or similar)
> I'd also like to find out what you guys are up to if you are
> contributing? 
>       * Have you started planning and/or recording yet? 

Planning yes, myself and Jacob are in daily communication regarding this, and I 
will be setting up a mailing list ASAP

>       * Have any of you thought of any more ideas?

They've been posted to this mailing list

>       * How far is the webdesign looking?

We've got a designer on board, but we need to have a creative meeting, as we've 
only got a rough "on-paper" draft at the moment

>       * Do we have a set structure now for the I am Ubuntu ad, i.e.
>         "Hello my name is Chris and I am Ubuntu" or "Hello my name is
>         Chris, I am a student and I use Ubuntu freely for my work." etc.

I'm not sure on this point, best to contact Jacob directly
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