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2009/4/24 Oli Warner <oli at thepcspy.com>

> How do you expect FOSS to make serious gains into the gaming market? Big
> commercial games (read COD, Oblivion, Fallout, most RPGs) are like
> interactive movies and they take about the same amount of money and manpower
> to produce... That's something FOSS is rarely going to be able to reproduce.
> You're treating this as if Windows gamers don't use Ubuntu because they
> don't have enough access to FOSS games. Truth is, most popular FOSS games
> have binary installers for Windows but you ask one Windows gamer if they
> care about something like Nexuiz and chances are they've never heard of it
> because they're too busy with the likes of Fallout 3, Bioshock, Assassins
> Creed or Call of Duty World at War. *That's where the problem is; studios
> aren't making the games for Linux so gamers don't migrate.
> *It's Chicken vs Egg. You're pushing for the Chicken. Get the gamers here
> and studios will make the games cross-platform. But I think you infinitely
> more chance of success backing the Egg. "If you build it, they will come"
> If I were you, I'd talk to small independent game studios. Give them a
> route-to-market (coming up next) and help them with the development. There
> are a couple of companies that provide porting services but they're not
> in-house, they're not cheap and they're not ideal for the end-users.
> They're still commercial games, so they still need to sell. One thing
> stopping companies moving over is there isn't a decent platform for selling
> their games. If there was "a Steam" for Linux, showing off the best of Linux
> gaming (both FOSS and commercial), I think a LOT more companies (large and
> small) would consider Linux as a viable platform.
> Once that reaches critical mass, your work is done. Critical mass. More
> users will move over and more companies will develop for it.

Some of your points are quite valid, though it's untrue to paint all high
profile games with the same damned brush.

ID quite quickly release Linux Native Ports of most their games (Doom,
Quake, Quake ET etc) Epic used to, though the technology/licenses they chose
for the latest incarnation of UT doesn't appear to be making life easy for
Icculus to port.

LGP port quite high profile games, though their method or possibly business
model can be quite slow at times to get it out the door (I beta test for
these guys as much as I can).

I think we're starting to see growth in the "indy" Linux port market
(Lugaru/Overgrowth, Darwinia etc), but this is all moot anyway as the
original poster was quite clear in saying this is not really about pushing
commercial games.

it's about FOSS gaming.

To tell you the truth, I'm not yet quite sure how this can be of help other
than canonical and the Ubuntu community can offer something that the FOSS
community sorely needs... Organisation.

I suspect this is the weakest point of this genre, lots and lots of well
meaning and sporadically enthusiastic individuals but little focus and
staying power.

I'll watch this with interest, and help where I can but I'm afraid I'm a
little over committed IRL at the moment to be much use.
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