[ubuntu-marketing] Ubuntu Marketing Team Meeting @ Tue Mar 25 7pm -, > > 8:30pm () (Google Calendar)

Felipe Lerena felipelerena at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 22:04:02 GMT 2008

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 6:59 PM, Matthew East <mdke at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>  On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 3:27 AM, Craig A. Eddy <tyche at cox.net> wrote:
>  >     I find it unusual that you wouldn't post the meeting information
>  >  in a location that one would expect.  Normally, meeting information is
>  >  posted to the Fridge.  From there, it's picked up by the Ubuntu Weekly
>  >  Newsletter.  People involved in numerous Teams know to look on the
>  >  Fridge for information concerning meeting dates, times and locations.
>  >  Instead, you post it on a Google Calendar.
>  I think the tone of your response was way over the top. Yes, the
>  meeting time should have been posted to the Fridge, but the marketing
>  list was sent a clear message with the meeting information and a
>  reminder of it... I am pretty sure that the majority of those
>  interested were aware of it.
>  A friendly nudge to post the meeting time to the Fridge would have been enough.
>  >     Google Calendar.  I can't even begin to think of one good reason
>  >  for using that.  Right off the bat, to use it, you have to accept
>  >  Google-analytics.  I don't accept Google-analytics.  At all.  Ever.  I
>  >  do not believe that anyone should have the right to follow me around
>  >  and see where I go just so they can try to sell me something that I
>  >  don't want.  That's even more invasive than the telemarketer that
>  >  calls you just as you sit down to dinner, after a long and
>  >  exceptionally hard day at work.  It's more abusive than the
>  >  overly-religious person who really doesn't know you, but follows you
>  >  around expounding on all the things you do that are wrong.  It's more
>  >  ridiculous than the micro-managing boss that wants to know everything
>  >  that you do, and takes exception to all of it. It's as wrong as the
>  >  Operating System that continually phones home to let it's master know
>  >  what you have for software, and deletes anything that it feels isn't
>  >  appropriate (i.e. isn't made by that company).  I don't DO Google
>  >  Calendar.  Period.
>  With such a violent disagreement with Google Analytics, be sure to
>  avoid using the Ubuntu website, wiki and help website.
>  --
>  Matthew East
>  http://www.mdke.org
>  gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF
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Hi Guys, In the meeting I took the responsability to be the meeting
manager from now on. I will ensure to contact the people from the
fridge and all the information channels in every future meeting so
everybody can attend.


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