[ubuntu-marketing] Promoting Ubuntu at libraries?

M. Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Sat Mar 22 07:27:08 GMT 2008


I'll start from the end of your mail:

> So, before I meander way off topic: I can't possibly be the only one
> who has pondered promoting Ubuntu, in some way, at a public library.

What about starting from the "Can you still own a book" argument:
http://digifreedom.net/node/101 ? Once you have hooked them that way,
it may be easier to move discussion from Free knowledge and culture to
Free software.

With respect to these other concerns and comments of yours, since the
related suggestions are useful when promoting FOSS in a public library
or any other non-geek context:

> the fact that people are essentially trying to cover up something as
> good and important as open source software, tells me that there is
> something seriously broken here and it has to be fixed one way or
> another.

I am convinced that part of the problem is not generic people covering
up FOSS out of money or ignorance, but FOSS being covered by
communication failures of its very supporters (not necessarily the
Ubuntu part of the community, the behaviors I refer to are much more
frequent in other areas) as I explained here:


> Obviously, the best way to stop those businesses trying to dodge Linux
> is for people to start coming to their stores thinking about free
> software.

See the slogan in my signature. I also try to give some practical
advice to make this happen at http://digifreedom.net/node/103

which in a nutshell says: start from THEIR beliefs and practical
needs, and stick to those.  The later you start the "you cannot live
without seeing, modifying and sharing the source code of the software
you use!" talk, and if you can avoid it altogether it's even better,
the greater your chances of success.

> ...The obvious /realistic/ fix: Occasional promotion of Ubuntu at
> community events, and with friends

see last link again or, when it comes to parents and schools, this:

Your own civil rights and the quality of your life heavily depend on how
software is used *around* you:            http://digifreedom.net/node/84

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