[ubuntu-marketing] Introducing a community based PC vendor. (Mike Feravolo)

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Tue Mar 11 17:37:22 GMT 2008

support at buntfu.com wrote:

> I kept it similar to ubuntu not because of trying to steal or confuse

I take you at your word, but nonetheless it certainly confused me, 
even though it was not your intention.  From a marketing point of 
view, such confusion is disastrous and your excellent idea can surely 
be taken forward with a second think about a look and feel which 
promotes a more useful reader response?

> but
> simply because the site is more focused on ubuntu computers rather than
> just general linux systems... I wanted that to be clear from the door.

It was clear to me that it was ubuntu focussed. It was not clear where 
it fitted in commercially and its credible motives.
Ironically, the better job you do to make it look ubuntu-ish, then the 
more suspicion you might get about your motives, whatever you state, 
because of the intuitive look alike.
alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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