[ubuntu-marketing] Introducing a community based PC vendor. (Mike Feravolo)

support at buntfu.com support at buntfu.com
Tue Mar 11 17:17:57 GMT 2008

yes they made me change my original name which was ourbuntu. They were
very enthused that I created this site but that the buntu part of my site
name was on of their trademarks and that they could not grant permission
since the policy clearly states they will not do so for commercial type

I kept it similar to ubuntu not because of trying to steal or confuse but
simply because the site is more focused on ubuntu computers rather than
just general linux systems... I wanted that to be clear from the door.

I did this because I believe in ubuntu, I also believe if new users are
going to be looking for linux machines they will want an ubuntu machine

There are a massive amount of sites on the internet that break Ubuntu's
trademark policy just with their domain names... no site can have ubuntu
or buntu in their site name and make money off of their website or
business.. Yet this is done constantly but individuals sooo i'm not quite
sure why i'm catching so much heat.

just one of the thousands examples of this is http://www.ubuntugeek.com/


> tis 2008-03-11 klockan 09:19 -0600 skrev support at buntfu.com:
>> I'm just having trouble understand why individuals can't have projects
>> or
>> hobby sites anymore why does it always have to be about professionalism
>> and business... just strikes me as strange
>> Its a small auction site for anyone who wants to sell linux machines
>> preferrably Ubuntu machines... and nothing more... Its my project/hobby
>> site... I enjoy having such a project/hobby
>> I am sorry I'm not a big business I'm just a guy with a lil site..
>> If you miss or want big business back in your life that bad i'm sure MS
>> has a chair (or straight jacket) waiting for you.
> Well, the problem as I see it isn't that you have built a little
> business around ubuntu - I think that's a great thing! What I do not
> like, on the other hand, is the way you use the ubuntu graphics and
> slogans/texts on your site. It feels very much like I'm stepping into a
> canonlical-shop.
> Have you even talked to any of the ubuntu-teams, or canonical iteslf?
> Gasten

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