[ubuntu-marketing] Introducing a community based PC vendor. (Mike Feravolo)

Michael Ramm michael at 1manit.net
Tue Mar 11 14:00:41 GMT 2008

THAT sure is one way NOT to get business from a segment of the population. I
will definitely not steer anyone to the Buntfu site for computer purchases.
The defensive tone of your response to some warranted criticism is really an
unacceptable business practice in my book. The Ubuntu is a tight knit
community (I know that you know this). We are just worried about the image
of Ubuntu because it is such a struggle to get people to even try
non-Microsoft stuff in this day.

Your proper response should have been to outline you philosophy and
reasoning for offering what you do. Systems preloaded with linux are still
pretty hard to come by, but are increasing. I think that your site had
potential, but I will not find out any further because of the derogatory
tone of your comments to this list. Also remember, flattery is one thing,
trademark infringement is a totally different beast.

There are so many ways to contribute to the Ubuntu community. I just one guy
also who does not program, is not a linux god, and does not have deep
pockets. There are many teams (like this marketing team) that need folks to
help out with their mission. Get involved in a LoCo team in your area. Just
helping people on the forums is great! That is the real beauty of the Ubuntu
Community, it is open to all...linux n00b (like me) all the way to the
programmers of the OS.

Michael Ramm

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On 3/10/08, support at buntfu.com <support at buntfu.com> wrote:
> Good god would you guys get a friggin clue! This site is not about ripping
> anyone off its about giving the everyday man a venue to sell his
> ubuntu/linux work either as a hobby or profession whatever... I wanted to
> flatter Ubuntu and give Ubuntu/Linux a community based venue where anyone
> can sell there Ubuntu/Linux based computer because they like setting them
> up and maybe they can make some extra cash doing it...... And help promote
> linux as a whole.
> All of you have been so tainted by Microsoft and big business that you
> think there is some evil plan behind everything.... THERE ISN'T   I'm just
> a guy with a love for Ubuntu who had an idea to give everyone an auction
> style store to showcase there work and sell them if they wanted to....
> With ebay killing you with fees I thought it would be nice for everyone to
> have a place dedicated to linux/Ubuntu computers to buy and sell at
> without
> the fees...
> But apparently no one is allowed to be good hearted anymore and create
> something for others..... Would it be nice if Buntfu could actually pay
> for itself one day sure..... But its not the reason behind it..... Maybe I
> had the wrong idea about the philosophy behind linux then again maybe the
> philosophy of linux is being jaded by big business in general,... who
> knows but thanks for making me feel like I did something for nothing...
> All I wanted to do was create something unique for everyone because its
> the only "big" way I can contribute I'm not a hard core programmer or a
> linux god or have big deep pockets... Just a guy trying to help.... I
> think there were two guys like that who started this whole thing anyway...
> Remember their names?  If not you don't know linux
> Sincerely,
> Ronnie
> Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings
> Buntfu - PCs from Human Beings
> "Thats called flattery not theft"
> Buntfu is not a linux distro, its computers with Ubuntu/Linux on them from
> everyday people.....  hence "PCs from Human Beings"
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