[ubuntu-marketing] Introducing a community based PC vendor.

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Fri Mar 7 09:05:20 GMT 2008

support at buntfu.com wrote:
> Buntfu is a Siswati expression, a word that encompasses a lot of
> meanings. There is love in there, there is trust, and there are
> feelings. Buntfu is a word that describes being human – how you
> relate to your neighbor, how you relate to the person sitting next
> to you, how you feel for that person.
> We felt this name should be everyones approach when setting up a
> computer running GNU/Linux and selling it here. As a buyer if this
> idea is followed by a seller you should feel confident that you
> will be getting their very best work.
> Buntfu.com is a community based computer vendor. Our definition of
> that means:
> 1. Anyone can list their inventory of GNU/Linux based computers on
> our auction style store.
> 2. Everyones system listed is preconfigured with a complete
> GNU/Linux desktop or server OS.
> 3. Placing and fulfilling custom order systems can be achieved
> using the wanted area of our site.
> 4. Together we can provide support for and find help through our
> community based support forums.
> 5. Our advertising, popularity and success depends on all of us,
> our support and the systems we offer.
> Buntfu will always be free of charge. You do not pay any site fees
> or closing cost fees to buy or sell your GNU/Linux based computer.
> You can use and share information on our forums with or without
> registering to Buntfu.
> Our preferred GNU/Linux distribution is Ubuntu and its family,
> primarily for ease of use, most free support, large community, OS
> recognition and frequent updates.
> http://www.buntfu.com
> This email is only meant to be informative to those interested in
> such a service... There will not be anymore email sent about this
> site in a promotional manner.

Nice idea.
You do not  say what the business model is, unless I missed it - how
is the site to be funded, is it expected to make a profit, etc?

There are similarities to Ubuntu - what is the relationship to Canonical?
alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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