[ubuntu-marketing] Marketing Ubuntu in Orlando Florida (Mike Feravolo)

Mike Feravolo 321.784.5553 at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 5 14:23:07 GMT 2008


I thought that I maybe this type of thing would work in other cities, so
I have include the text message that I sent to the LoCo group in


Just to let everyone know I got a meetup.com group setup for my twice a
month networking group at Cuppy's Coffee on Lee Vista Road in East
Orlando. I invite everyone from our  LoCo to support our group
even if they don't live in Orlando:


The name of the group is "The Orlando Coffee Lover's Group", since we
meet at a Coffee Shop I felt that wasn't a bad name. By definition if
people are using a web site like meet up dot com they are interested in
communicating with people on the Internet. Also drinking coffee and
computer programming have a lot to do with each other or there wouldn't
be a programming language named "java".

Or objective is to bring people together that like coffee and use
computers at a coffee shop. The format is an informal forum where people
can talk about anything that has to do with drinking coffee and using
computers. Which means that we are going to talk about Software Freedom,
Free Software and GNU/Linux.


Our business is software and one of the most effective ways to sell our
services is to get out there and meet people. Since a large part of our
business is Free Software a Group like this is a great way to let people
that we are here. 

Also for people that are not familiar with business networking (e.g.
Chamber of Commerce Events); it's not about selling, it's about building
people's trust and letting them get to know you. Once you do that, they
will sell for you.


Mike Feravolo
Cocoa Beach, Florida

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