[ubuntu-marketing] Ubuntu Core Marketing Team Created! Join Us!

John Vilsack vilsack at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 17:59:06 BST 2008

In order to help make the Marketing of Ubuntu more effective, a new
Launchpad team called the Ubuntu Core Marketing Team has been created.  This
team will focus primarily on planning and championing our projects and
strategies that have an impact the entire global Ubuntu community.  The Core
Marketers will help design project plans complete with task lists that will
allow any contributor to help a project easily and effectively.

Some of the rough ideas that the Ubuntu Core Marketing Team may be able to
help with are:

 * Creating a central repository where community members can access the most
up to date marketing information without having to dig for it.
 * Using Launchpad Blueprints to help give new team members a concise map of
the current direction of the team.
 * Possibly using the Launchpad Bug functionality to showcase which tasks
are being worked on, and where contributors can lend a hand.
 * Moving the intense planning discussions off the main list of marketing
contributors that do not care for the exhaustive rhetoric of the envisioning
 * Developing a release schedule that coincides with the Ubuntu distro cycle
so that materials are consistently up-to-date.

In order for the Ubuntu Core Marketing Team to be a success, we need several
volunteers to help us get started:

 * A volunteer that is intimately active with the Ubuntu LoCo teams willing
to report the Ubuntu Core Marketing Team successes and bring back
information about the LoCos to the group.
 * Someone who works with the Development teams that can help parse
information about upcoming distributions that we can use to plan materials
 * Members familiar with the wiki are needed to help publicize core
marketing initiatives.
 * Leaders from the existing projects (SpreadUbuntu, Studio, etc.) to join
us and to contribute when it comes to their projects or relationships with
other projects.
 * The best and brightest minds willing to step up and help create and pilot
exciting marketing projects for the whole Ubuntu Community to use.
 * Volunteers with positive attitudes that understand how to convey
excitement to others about new project ideas.

If you are someone who feels the desire to contribute by helping to plan or
lead projects, sign up to come join the Ubuntu Core Marketing Team today.
The group is meant to be a transparent addition to the ubuntu-marketing team
that helps the ideas we have together become a reality.  We will use
Launchpad, the wiki, and the mailing lists to communicate with each other
and the rest of the community, so please feel free to contribute in any
fashion you would like.

Please join us in our effort to create the building blocks needed by the
Ubuntu Community to spread Ubuntu throughout the world!

Thank you very much,
John Vilsack
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