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Dean Sas dean at deansas.org
Thu Jun 12 00:08:16 BST 2008

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John Botscharow wrote:
> The marketing part of all these projects I know pretty much what to do.
> What I do not know is how to 1) officially - the operative word here -
> join an existing project or 2) officially - again the operative word-
> start a new one - or do I not have the authority - operative word - to
> start one? In all my years of experience in the business world, those
> two options were only open to people in official - operative word -
> positions of authority. How does this work in the Ubuntu community in
> general and in the marketing team in particular?

Basically we're the wild west.

You can do what you want, feel free to put projects under the Ubuntu
Marketing team umbrella, it's a good idea to see what people think of
the idea first and try to ensure no-one has strong objections to it though.

In general the only kind of "official" thing you do to join an existing
project is to click the "Join this team" button on Launchpad. In
practice a launchpad team will rarely be needed for marketing stuff -
they're mainly used for controlling access to version control repositories.

In the OSS sense you generally join a team/project just by interacting
with it enough.

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